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Benefits of taking a lunch break outside

03 October 2018

There are a number of health benefits associated with spending time outdoors, including everything from increased physical exercise to reduced stress and improved mental health.

What you might not know is that taking a lunch break out of the office can also improve your quality of work, such as boosting your focus, creativity and efficiency.

Below we have outlined four reasons to step out of the office, as well as some simple tips on how to incorporate that much-needed breath of fresh air into your daily routine.

1. Restored mental energy

Avoid that afternoon mental fatigue by heading outside for your lunch break. Studies show that going outside, or even simply looking at a picture of nature, will help maintain your concentration and keep you motivated for the rest of the day. Whether you pack your lunch or buy it at a local café – take this break as an opportunity to relax, unwind and get some much-needed fresh air.

2. Stress relief

Feeling stressed and tense? Take your laptop and head to a nearby park for some fresh air. Among office workers, taking time to be in nature is associated with lower stress and higher job satisfaction. Many parks and public areas around Melbourne have free Wi-Fi access, though if they don’t, take the time to log off and refresh before heading back to work.

3. Blood flow

It’s no secret that sitting down all day isn’t what our bodies are made for, with studies showing that office workers are not allowing enough time for physical exercise in their busy days. How about making that next business meeting a walking one? It’s a unique and engaging way to discuss your ideas and get your body moving, disrupting the tendency to sit down all day.

4. Sharper thinking and creativity

Nature has been proven to restore attention and short-term memory – something that is pivotal in allowing you to do your best work. For your next team meeting, go outside  and get those creative juices flowing! It will give your whole team a chance to revitalise and refresh.

These are our top three parks around the T&G Building to help you kick start your journey to making more time for the outdoors:

Treasury Gardens

Gordon Reserve

Birrarung Marr