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T&G Building welcomes a new tenant; Lune Croissanterie

06 December 2018

In September, the T&G Building welcomed Lune Crossanterie—a fantastic addition to our expanding mix of food and beverage retailers. A true cult classic, Lune’s first store opened six years ago in Fitzroy and has garnered widespread attention baking classic, French pastries onsite. The perfect selection of delicious, flakey pastries and coffee makes it easy to see why customers will wait in line for up to 30 minutes to secure the yummy goodness!

At their T&G Building location, Lune paired back their menu to five classics to help reduce wait times. The store’s design inspiration was derived from their Fitzroy headquarters—the concrete floors, walls and benches, along with the long striped light installation, create a sophisticated and modern atmosphere. The three standing bars easily accommodate roughly 60 people. “We’ve gone for an Italian espresso bar vibe,” owner Kate Reid told the Gourmet Traveller.

Staff are busy expertly crafting around 20,000 croissants per week including plain, ham and gruyere, pain au chocolate and almond croissants. Lune also creates lemon curd cruffins, a mix between a muffin and a croissant, balancing the flakey, buttery texture of a croissant and the soft, flavour-packed element of a muffin.

The store is open from 7am-3pm (Monday to Friday), providing the perfect opportunity for a quick breakfast or a sweet afternoon pick-me-up. We recommend getting there early so you can minimise the time spent in the queue, and maximise the time spent enjoying your delicious treat!