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T&G Building Art: Exploring inspirations and fascinations with Brooklyn artist Yolande Milan Batteau

11 September 2018

Pembroke incorporates artwork into it’s properties to provide a unique point of difference and an engaging experience for tenants and visitors. When refurbishing the T&G Building, Pembroke looked to source an artist who could enrich all aspects of the building’s design – both old and new. New York artist Yolande Milan Batteau, was commissioned by Pembroke to create a piece of art for the lobby area, drawing on the heritage of the building whilst embodying the modern elements of the newly refurbished interiors. We sat down with Yolande to talk about her story, art, passions and the inspiration behind the piece she developed for the T&G Building.

Yolande has a broad depth of artistic experience, with her specialty art collection made up of paintings, sculptures and objects, created using materials from marble plaster, waxes and gold leaf, to natural elements,  like stones and pearl. The element she is most well-known for is gold, which is reflected in the leaves scattered throughout the T&G Building lobby artwork. According to Yolande, her fascination with the element derives from expressing an appreciation for the beauty of the Earth.

Yolande has created artwork for many prestigious buildings around the world, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Gucci stores. Her previous experience allowed her to draw inspiration for the T&G Building and develop artwork that brought the grandeur of nature inside, creating a majestic entryway.

One of the most special things about the T&G Building project was working with Pembroke’s Director of Interior Architecture, Carolyn Burke: “Her vision and collaboration made it a joy to produce,” Yolande explained.

The spectacular four-paneled, floor-to-ceiling artwork now welcomes visitors into the T&G Building from the Collins Street entrance. The gold and brown tones perfectly reflect the natural light that floods in through the refurbished atrium.

Artwork is at the forefront of Pembroke’s vision to enhance city life by creating beautiful buildings in global cities. Similar to Yolande’s piece, Pembroke recently installed  another spectacular piece of art in Tri-Seven Roppongi, located in Tokyo, Japan.

Pembroke teamed up with artist Shelia Hicks for the creation of her piece Todai, otherwise known as lighthouse in Japanese, an immense, colorful work-of-art fashioned from long pieces of textile woven into ropes. Nearly eight meters in length, it hangs prominently from the ceiling of Tri-Seven Roppongi’s main lobby.

Pieces like Todai and Yolande’s artwork are two of the of the pieces commissioned for Pembroke properties around the globe. Watch this space for another sneak peek!