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A Focus On: Collins Street entrance gets a new look

21 February 2017

In the second installment of the ‘Focus On’ series, we take a look at how the existing Collins Street entrance to the T&G Building will be transformed. Be sure to read our first post in the ‘Focus On’ series, ‘Ramsden Place’ that showcases the transformation of the laneway entrance from Flinders Lane to the T&G Building.

They say first impressions count. So, with this in mind, an entrance to any commercial address should create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for both visitors and tenants, leaving them with a positive, lasting impression.

The Collins Street entrance for the T&G Building will do just that. As part of the extensive refurbishment, Pembroke Real Estate, together with leading architects Bates Smart, has designed a discerning and refined new entrance-way reflecting a work place that is both business and lifestyle minded. The T&G Building is more than a workplace: it’s a place for shared ideas and activated spaces.

One building with two addresses, this new-look entrance will deliver the classic corporate experience, characterised by premium office buildings, flanked by high end-luxury fashion boutiques.

By removing the columns directly in front of the current doorway, the building will open up with easy accessibility and clear legibility of the lobby entrance. The existing awnings will be modified, linking the facade to the entranceway, and naturally drawing the eye into the building. A canopy above the doorway will extend to the street, creating an entry-way befitting the grand heritage of the building.

Following the completion of the refurbishment, the T&G Building will benefit with the versatility of two distinctly different entrances: the classic new-look of the Collins Street entrance and the vibrant laneway entrance at Ramsden Place.