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Floorplates to Match
Any Ambition

With an extraordinary 4,000 sq m floorplates the A-Grade T&G building boasts Melbourne’s larger and most versatile workplaces.

Potential to grow
and flourish

Each floor has been immaculately refurbished to optimise comfort and set new benchmarks for flexibility, productivity and connectivity.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination.


A Commitment to
Sustainable Success

The re-imagined T&G Building has been designed to deliver superior energy efficiency, in addition to its unprecedented physical transformation including best-in-class NABERS Energy and Water Ratings.

Check out our
green credentials

With a 4-Star NABERS Energy Rating and 3-Star NABERS Water Rating target, the T&G Building is one of the most environmentally responsible commercial addresses in the Melbourne CBD.

our cool

A fully digitised Building Management System will monitor air temperature and quality, 24/7, to maximise efficiency across the building, and even utlise outside air to supplement the in-house system when suitable.

We’ve got
the power

Programmable lighting control zones provide optimal working environments at all times. Combined with high efficiency LED fittings featuring ‘smart’ occupancy and daylight sensors you can further minimise energy usage.