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A Focus On: The new-look atrium

05 April 2017

In this latest instalment of the ‘Focus On’ series, looking at key redevelopment areas of the project, we provide an overview of the vision for the T&G Building’s new-look atrium.

Pembroke Real Estate, together with architects Bates Smart, are revitalising the iconic T&G Building to create a holistic experience which draws on the building’s proud history and location, while reimagining a retail and work space fit for a modern Melbourne.

At the heart of the redevelopment project is the atrium.

Rising up the building’s 10 floors, the atrium’s current 1990 design features a sealed glass curtain wall, which has a distinctive green hue, due to the high iron content in the glass.

Bates Smart’s design response will redefine the experience of the atrium by developing an adaptable terraced wall with a customised low-iron glazing system, allowing tenants to adapt their workspaces with ease.

On the ground floor, the existing retail and food and drink outlets will make way for a blank canvas, upon which Pembroke will introduce a carefully curated retail mix that not only caters to tenants’ needs but also promotes their wellbeing.

The atrium’s existing sculpture series of 16 ‘Landmark’ glass blocks will also be replaced by a multi-level tenants’ lounge, to encourage collaborative working and greater productivity. A new signature café, together with a range of other food outlets, will complete the space.

Take a look at the video on our homepage and watch the T&G Building atrium come to life.