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A breath of fresh air

06 June 2017

Are you looking for a lunchtime oasis in the middle of city life? Getting away from your desk at lunchtime has many advantages including improved concentration, productivity and creativity, not to mention the health benefits of going for a walk in the fresh air.

Here are some of the best spots near the T&G Building for you to stretch your legs and soak in the sunshine at lunchtime.

Federation Square

8 min walk from T&G Building

As one of the city’s most popular meeting points, it’s a perfect place to catch up with friends for lunch. With a number of outdoor spaces you will be spoilt for choice on where to sit including:

  • Flinders Street Amphitheatre: synthetic grass and an ascending staircase provide the ideal outdoor setting to grab a sandwich and some Vitamin D
  • The River Terrace: change your view of the city by taking a short stroll along the river – this beautiful public walkway runs between Swanston Street and Birrarung Marr
  • St Paul’s Court: on the northwest corner of Federation Square, play at being a tourist and enjoy one of the entertaining street performers while sitting on the wide sandstone steps
  • The Square: the ultimate people-watching spot, The Square is a large open space to kick back and relax for a while

Treasury Gardens

8 min walk from T&G Building

The Treasury Gardens are a popular destination for lunch, and it’s easy to see why, with 5.8 hectares of gardens, expansive lawn areas and walking paths lined with mature trees. The area is also home to wildlife like the pacific black duck, red wattlebird and silver gulls, a superb spot for bird watching during your lunch break.

Be transported back in time with the garden’s nineteenth century design and planting listed on the Victorian Heritage Register for its historical, archaeological and social significance.

Yarra River Walk

6 min walk from T&G Building

Get your 10,000 steps while enjoying the stunning views along the Yarra River. Spanning 242 kms, there are many river walks you can try, or even create your own.

In the CBD, you can stretch your legs on your lunch break by starting from Flinders Street station and turning left for Princes Walk or right for Flinders Walk. There are many wonderful things to see along the river including artwork, historic bridges, boats, intricate architecture and more.

Birrarung Marr

11 min walk from T&G Building 

Birrarung Marr is Melbourne’s newest major park, opened in 2002 next to Federation Square. With three terraces of contrasting grass and sand, winding along the Yarra River it’s a beautiful spot to connect with nature.

Expand your mind with the many artworks in the park including Deborah Halpern’s two-headed Angel sculpture and the Federation Bells that ring three times a day. The Birrarung Wilam installation celebrates Victoria’s indigenous culture through public artwork such as the semi circle of metal shields showcasing the five groups of the Kulin Nation.

T&G Building

Can’t get away from the office at lunchtime? Don’t worry. The T&G Building has brought the outdoors to you with an activated atrium that maximises airflow from the Ramsden Place entrance through to the Collins Street entrance. Fresh air and light are drawn across the building and throughout the atrium to provide a more natural indoor environment.

Try these great outdoor lunch spots this week and see the benefits.